Calgary Board of Education

Learning Outcomes
  1. Effective Communicator
    • is capable of giving form to thought
      • through words, numbers, images, sound, gesture
      • for different purposes and audiences
  2. Knowledgeable and Thoughtful Learner
    • demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge base in each subject area
    • uses language to learn
    • demonstrates a depth of understanding
    • makes connections to self
    • makes connections to other areas of experience and knowledge
    • synthesizes and internalizes knowledge
  3. Self-Directed Learner
    • accepts ownership and responsibility for learning
    • takes risks
    • reflects on the process
    • assesses growth
  4. Collaborative Worker
    • works collaboratively with other students to produce individual and group products
    • makes a meaningful contribution to the group
    • explores methods of problem solving and decision making
    • appreciates individual differences and points of view
  5. Critical and Creative Thinker
    • constructs meaning
    • defines, classifies, analyzes and evaluates meaning that is being constructed
    • defines the problem and applies problem solving strategies
    • seeks creative solutions
    • asks questions, accepts different perspectives, accepts ambiguity
    • is a discriminating consumer of information (television, internet, newspapers, books, magazines)
    • is a discriminating consumer of the arts, literature, film
    • makes informed choices
  6. Quality Producer and Performer
    • sets quality standards
    • revises and reworks products and performances for quality
    • produces original work rather than reproducing the work of others
    • uses resources and technology to enhance quality of work
  7. Community Contributor
    • accepts diversity and respects others regardless of gender, race or religion
    • contributes to the school and wider community to improve quality of life