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Math Help

Your teacher is the key!

First, talk to your teacher. (S)he is the one who can help you the most. There is usually time during class set aside for homework. Take this time to ask for some help on previous concepts you did not understand. A word of advice though. Do not start with the classic: "I don't understand anything!". This does not work! Try to determine what aspect of a problem or concept you do not understand and ask for help on this specifically. Also, do not hesitate to make an appointment with your teacher to get some extra help, either before school starts, at noon or after school. Remember: your teacher is there for you!

If nothing else has worked...

Finally, if all of the above has failed to relieve your stress, you may want to look at a tutor from outside the school. Your math teacher might be able to recommend some good tutors. The usual cost for private tutoring is around $25-40 per hour. While you may find this expensive, it might be worth the investment in some cases. Talk to your parents about this!