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This is a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) about Mathematics. Topics range from trivia and the trivial to advanced subjects such as Wiles recent proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

  • Ask Dr. Math
    In this site, you can access a database of questions about mathematics that have been answered by experts. You can also write Dr. Math a question and get some help! Ever wondered why "m" is used for slope? What about complex (non-real) numbers? Want to see "proof" that 1 + 1 = 2? Then follow the link!
  • Ask Mathman
    Need some help fast with a math problem? Then e-mail Pearson's own Mathman.
  • The Math League Contests
    Challenge yourself with some of the contests organized by the Math League. Beware: some of the questions are quite tough, and getting 4 answers out of 6 is considered very good!
  • Alberta High School Mathematics Competition
    This is a two part competition taking place in November and February of each school year, with book prizes for the first part, and cash prizes and scholarships for the second part. Check out some of their questions & puzzles.
  • USMA Problem of the Week
    Are you one of the few, the proud, the math problem-solvers? Then join the United States Military Academy Problem of the Week contest. A new problem is posted every Tuesday.
  • The Math Forum Math Problems & Puzzles
    This page contains one of the most extensive list of sites that deal with problem-solving & puzzles. Check it out!
  • International Mathematical Talent Search
    Looking for a real challenge? Look no further. Try your hand at these problems and mail in your answers to Professor E.J.Barbeau of the University of Toronto!
  • Mathematically Interesting Games
    If your interest is in recreational mathematics, try playing these games, then figuring out the mathematics behind them. Can you beat the computer?
  • The Fruit Game (Nim)
    Try to figure out why the computer always wins, then challenge a friend. If you think you are really good, try playing your teacher. If you are truly an expert try playing Mr. Somerville. If you beat the computer you will win a 20 pound crate of oranges.
  • Prime Numbers
    For more than 2000 years, mathematicians have been fascinated with prime numbers. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic shows that the primes are the building blocks of the positive integers: every positive integer is a product of prime numbers in one and only one. Prime numbers are also used in day-to-day life for encryption purposes.
  • The Ridiculously Enhanced Pi Page
    Which day is national Pi day? What is a Pi Bead? Have you ever heard some cool Pi music? If not, check this site out. It also has a great list of links to other Pi sites.
  • The Pi Pages
    The Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM), at Simon Fraser University B.C. offers one of the most comprehensive web site dedicated to the study of Pi.
  • The e Home Page
    Another well-known constant in mathematics is e. Find out why some people think it is way more cool than Pi!
  • The KnotPlot Site
    Knot theory is a new branch of mathematics. It studies knots found in closed loops. Take a look for yourself, you will be quite surprised by what you will find in this site.
  • Tessellation Tutorials
    Tesselations provide an interesting way to study some of the geometry you are responsible for in mathematics classes. Try learning about tesselations by investigating this site.
  • World of Escher
    Escher is a famous artist who used tesselations. You can learn more about him, his art and its connection to mathematics.
  • Dave's Math Tables
    Are you looking for some information on a Standard Normal Distribution? Did you forget a basic trigonometric identity? Or have you always wanted to know what a Googolplex was? Then check out this great site!
  • The Math Forum's Student Center
    This site offers a wealth of links to various math-related sites and activities like Ask Doctor Math, MathMagic, etc. Check it out, it is one of the best on the web!
  • SumFun
    The authors of this site describe it as a "... little smorgasbord [that] gives a sample of what it is about math that keeps mathaholics coming back for more". If you enjoy math, this is a great starting place to start surfing the 'net in serach of math sites.
  • Cut-the-Knot.Com
    This site covers numerous topics, including proofs, puzzles, and contains many Java applets.
  • Math Archives Pop Math
    Did you ever wonder what made your teacher get so excited about some topic in Mathematics? On this page, we will try to collect items about Mathematics one of which hopefully may explain this weird behavior.
  • Mathematical Museum and Exhibitions
    The Mathematical Museum is a collection of links various topics, including the History of Mathematics, Digital Art, etc.
  • Chinese International School
    This school offers a well-organized selection of more than 200 links. Topics include: On-Line Math Help, Math Resources, graphics, Calculators, Spreadsheets, Math Software, Problems, Puzzles, Games, etc.
  • Cool Math and Science Sites
    MathSoft, the makers of MathCad, have compiled a short list of Web sites worth exploring.
  • MacTutor History of Mathematics archive
    The most extensive archive of mathematicians' biographies on the Web. Complete with pictures.
  • The Mathematics Archives
    In the archives, you will find articles on various topics related to the history of mathematics.
  • Earliest Uses of Various Mathematical Symbols
    So why do we use "m" for the slope of a line? Where does the symbol "=" come from? Who was the first person to use function notation? A little bit of exploring in this site should answer most of your questions.
  • Biographies of Women Mathematicians
    This site is an on-going project by students in mathematics classes at Agnes Scott College, in Atlanta, Georgia, to illustrate the numerous achievements of women in the field of mathematics. Check it out: math is definitely not only a guy-thing!
  • Hall of Great Mathematicians
    This hall can be found at the back of Math guy's courtyard, a web site maintained by D. Collin. You will find biographies and pictures of some of the most famous mathematicaians of all time.
  • Some Famous Mathematicians
    El departamento de Matemáticas de la Universidad Central de Venezuela maintains a list of famous mathematicians, with biographies and pictures.
  • Yahoo.Com Mathematics Sites
  • InfoSeek.Com Mathematics Sites
  • Lycos.Com Mathematics Sites
  • Mathematics Archives MSDOS/Windows95 Software Collection
    This site includes a large collection of educational software, some of which are freeware.
  • Math Shareware
    Get the best and the latest on the shareware scene.
  • Fractint Home Page
    One of the best program to study fractals is a Freeware called Fractint. You can download it from this site.
  • Mathematical Wallpaper
    Mathematica, a commercial product designed to do advanced mathematical computations, has made possible many new kinds of stunning scientific, technical, and artistic images. Wolfram Reasearch is offerering some of these images as downloadable screens that you can install as wallpaper on your computer.