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course planner and diploma checker

(Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet)

With so many courses taught at Lester B. Pearson High School, it hasbecome very difficult for students and parents to navigate through allof the prerequisite requirements and be able to determine if he or shehas earned the eligibility to advance to the next course in the sequenceand eventually be eligible for an Alberta High School Diploma.

The COURSE PLANNER has been designed to simplify this entireprocess. Essentially all of the prerequisite information in theRegistration Guide has been summarized in this interactive document. All students are required to do is accurately enter each and every markfrom their high school academic history. For each subject, the enteredmark will then lead to notification about the student's eligibility tomore forward in the course sequence.

Some responses will indicate that the student has not earned a highenough mark to advance in the course sequence. Other responses mayindicate that the student can progress but will do so contrary to thedepartment's recommendation and that there may be some limitationsplaced on opportunities to request a course. Other marks will be highenough to earn the student clear eligibility to move forward.

A second feature of the software program is that it offerssuggestions on courses of study that students should consider pursuingto the advanced level once they have demonstrated satisfactoryunderstanding of the subject matter at the introductory level.

The third element of the program is the DIPLOMA CHECKER. Whenevercredits are earned, those credits are applied to one or more of the ninediploma criteria. Over the three years, these credits accumulate and,as criteria are met, the CHECKER indicates this.

So, enter your marks and see what you are eligible to request inthe coming years. Make a three year plan and enter passing grades foreach of the 24 courses you think you may be interested in. You'll beable to determine if your plan will earn you an Alberta High SchoolDiploma.



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