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Work Experience & Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

Course Outline

Work Experience

Work Experience is a program that allows Grade 12 students to earn a maximum of 10 credits while working in industry. One credit is given for every 25 hours of completed work.

Our Work Experience Program is coordinated by Mr. B. Mitchell. He is available on a drop-in or by appointment basis if students/parents want more information on Work Experience or RAP.

Students are allowed to work during regular school hours, weekends, and holidays. Students may work any time between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm.

Students enrolling in Work Experience will be governed by the following regulations:

  • Students are required to meet the expectations of any new entry level employee in terms of reliability, grooming and dress regulations
  • Students will be supervised by the school appointed Work Experience Coordinator via on - site visits and telephone contact
  • Students enrolled in Work Experience are covered by Workers' Compensation

Reasons for enrolling in Work Experience include the following:

  • A successful transition from school to the world of work and post-secondary study
  • To explore a potential career
  • To receive practical on-the-job training to supplement classroom learning
  • To earn credits towards a High School diploma
  • To secure part or full time employment upon course completion
  • A practical experience which helps with successful placement in post secondary institutions
  • To gain experience in a career of choice

RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)

RAP - the Registered Apprenticeship Program - is a modified apprenticeship program that permits Grade 11 or 12 students to become apprentices while attending high school.

A RAP apprentice accumulates hours through on the job training as credit toward his or her apprenticeship, and credit toward a high school diploma or certificate of achievement. A RAP apprentice is a full-time high school student. After graduating from high school a RAP apprentice can become a full-time apprentice.

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