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Evaluating Web Sites

Web pages in this section refers to the free webweb sites anyone can access—not web-based research tools like subscription databases resources that you (or your school or your public library) pay for and that must have a password to access. Here are the aspects you should consider when evaluating web sites.                                             


Audience and Purpose:


Objectivity vs. Bias:

Support for Evidence:

Is the web the right place to do your research?
Some kinds of information are not available on the free web. Also, some kinds of information are easier to find using library resources.

• literary criticism (begin with a literature database like the Gale Infotrac: Student Resource Centre, Canadian Edition (passwords on Media Centre Bookmark)
• scientific/social analysis (an online periodical database like ELibrary( In ORC) and Student Resource Centre, Canadian Edition will provide you with current, peer-reviewed articles)
So don't overlook library resources, whether online (like databases) or in print. Need help? Ask a librarian. We like to help people, and research is our business!