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Physical Education

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The program for Physical Education at Lester B. Pearson has been developed to reflect the philosophy of achieving educational goals with a student centred focus that will develop an appreciation and desire for life-long learning and fitness. The total program contributes to the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of the student through selected physical activities. The successful completion of P.E. 10 is an Alberta Education prerequisite for a high school diploma.

Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
P.E. 10 P.E. 20 P.E. 30
Sports Medicine10 Sports Medicine 20 Sports Medicine 30

Physical Education 10/20/30 - 5 credits each

Pearson offers a fully integrated modular approach using a variety of activities, which develop through the natural progression of the Physical Education program. The program will make use of the facilities at Lester B. Pearson as well as the Village Square Leisure Centre and other off campus facilities. User fees are based upon the module selected. The modules offered for student choice are: slow pitch, flag football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, field hockey, golf, tennis, rugby, basketball, social dance, volleyball, inter-lacrosse, team handball, arena football, badminton, archery, floor hockey, weight training, water games, self defence, shinny hockey, racquetball, bowling, curling, billiards, and self-defense.

Physical Education 20

Grade 10 P.E. students are encouraged to register for P.E. 20 if they have received a passing grade and have been recommended. Recommendation is based on consistent attendance; displaying a positive attitude, demonstrating leadership qualities and being responsible and mature when participating in off-campus modules. P.E. 20 students may be required to complete a day hike or an overnight hostelling/skiing trip at Ribbon Creek Youth Hostel.

Physical Education 30

Students who have successfully completed P.E. 20 must obtain a letter of recommendation from the P.E. Curriculum Leader to enrol in P.E. 30. Pearson's P.E. 30 program is based on leadership and personal development. We believe that these skills will provide students with increased self-confidence, self-esteem, social skills, and a sense of accountability. To follow through with this expectation, we require P.E. 30's to complete our leadership module on top of the regular module selections. This includes a contract letter with a volunteer organization in the community, a journal where students reflect on their experience and finally a presentation to a P.E. 30 co-ordinator. Specific dates are set for these requirements and students who cannot comply with those dates will be asked to withdraw from Phys. Ed. 30. We are incredibly proud of the service and leadership skills students develop through their Physical Education 30 Leadership Project.

Rationale: Leadership development is an integral component of the physical education program at Lester B. Pearson High School. We believe that these skills developed in high school will provide a student with increased self-confidence, self-esteem, social skills and a well-developed sense of accountability. In an effort to better develop these skills, all Physical Education 30 students are required and expected to complete a leadership project in which they contribute several hours of their own time to the community. Students will be taken through processes to ensure opportunities for success.

Sports Medicine 10 - 5 credits

Sports Medicine 10 is a dynamic elective course involving the study of anatomy, injuries, and taping and related scenarios. Students are actively involved with the athletic program and are required to do 20 service hours as junior trainers with athletic teams and 5 hours in the training room. The course combines classroom and practical situations for those interested in kinesiology and training.

Sports Medicine 20 - 5 credits
Prerequisite: Sports Medicine 10

Sports Medicine 30
Prerequisite: Sports Medicine 20

These are elective courses for those students interested in physiology, kinesiology and athletic injuries. The curriculum provides a background for those students interested in fields such as sports medicine, physiotherapy, nursing, medicine, physical education or practical first aid. There is an additional fee for each of these courses. Sports Medicine 20 and 30 students are required to work as senior trainers for an athletic team. This experience is assigned as 30% of their total course mark.