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Physical Education

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The intent of the Physical Education program at Lester B. Pearson High School is to enable all learners to enhance their quality of lifethrough promotion of active living, the exposureto a wide variety of activities and the development of appropriate skills and attitudes.

  1. Outcomes:
    1. Knowledgeable Communicator:
      • students should demonstrate an understanding of basic skills and strategies of a wide range of different activities through participation in the program.
    2. Self-Directed Learner:
      Modules are offered to students in order to enhance an ‘active living’ lifestyle.
      • students strive for individual skill improvement showing starting growth at all skill levels.
      • students are able to evaluate and monitor the physical skills demonstrated by themselves, and others.
      • students understand the personal importance of physical
        fitness in relation to wellness.
      • students are encouraged to make recreational choices outside the classroom.
    3. Collaborative Worker:
      • students are able to be a knowledgeable, contributing team member, showing sportsmanship, fair play and compassion.
      • students will demonstrate an appreciation for individual skill differences and experiences through cooperation with others.
    4. Complex Thinker:
      • students apply appropriate strategies with accuracy and thoughtfulness.
      • students are able to problem solve, create, analyze and use self-correcting skills.
      • students shall demonstrate bodily kinesthetic intelligence in movement.
    5. Community Contributor:
      • students demonstrate a responsible attitude towards themselves, others, equipment and facilities.
      • students are given the opportunity to experience a variety of activities outside the school in the surrounding community, thus promoting active living.
      • students will develop social skills and positive attitudes such as leadership, cooperation, sportsmanship, teamwork, empathy and collaboration.
    6. Quality Producer:
      • students are able to show skill development, knowledge, social skills and fitness through participation in demonstrations and game play.
      • students demonstrate pride and accomplishment reflective of their skill level.
    7. Assessment:
      Assessment is ongoing and may involve teacher, student or peer direction. Final Mark is cumulative based on individual module marks. Missed modules result in a zero, unless the student makes up the missed work. Assessment areas are as follows:
      1. A.S.K. - Application, skill development, knowledge
      2. C.L.A.S. - Cooperation, leadership, attitude, sportsmanship
      3. P.E. - Participation, effort