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Language Programs

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The opportunity for a student to develop the knowledge, skills, and interest needed to communicate in a second language is reflected in the philosophy of Lester B. Pearson High School. These opportunities are provided within a variety of school, travel, leisure and job-related contexts in order to achieve personal fulfilment and to contribute positively in a global society.

All of our second language courses are based on a multidimensional curriculum which takes into account the experiences and interests of the students. The development of communication skills in a second language, an understanding of how language functions and an appreciation of the target culture(s) present in Canada and the world is the goal of the program.

Graduates of these three year second language programs will have:

• a fundamental knowledge of the language,
• an ability to participate in conversations on familiar topics,
• an ability to read and write with the aid of a dictionary, and
• a knowledge and appreciation of the target culture.