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Outreach Programs are for students who find that regular High School programs and services do not meet their needs. To encourage students to continue in school and complete their High School diploma or Certificate of High School Achievement, the Calgary Board of Education has four Outreach locations. Outreach also provides students with additional services such as personal and career counselling, conflict resolution, time management and study skills, parenting skills and learning strategies. To find out more information, please contact one of the locations under Discovering Choices in the navigation bar at the top.

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Watch former Discovering Choices students talk about how they were able to overcome challenges and find hope for a brighter future.


Bruce Sawdon Ted Talk Calgary


Bruce Sawdon breaks down what Discovering Choices is all about at TEDx Calgary. Click on the image to watch the talk.


Building Resiliency at Discovering Choices

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All in for youth

All In for Youth is a citywide initiative focused on school completion. Its goal is to reduce the high school dropout rate in Calgary by 50% by 2017. Developed by United Way of Calgary and Area, All In for Youth is guided by three principles: Keep youth in school, bring youth back and connect youth to continuing education.

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