Definition: Student achieves his best. An attitude of “can-do” permeates the school. Space is made for each students’ learning.

How do we improve the achievement level of an individual student? How can we show student improvement that recognizes below standard but still improvement? Or is that relevant?


Aggregate survey results: 75% of the students at Discovering Choices perceive that school promotes a "can-do" attitude.

Initiative: The resiliency survey is part of the Commitment Phase in all the Discovering Choices sites. Time is taken by staff members to have an intentional conversation with the student about their profile. The resiliency wheel is used to help explain the process of building resiliency and spaces are made for understanding the student. The strengths of the student are used in understanding and making and educational plan.

Initiative: The resiliency profile is used intentionally in writing IPP goals and stratigies. It is an method of recognizing the strengths of the student and a process of building upon these strengths to meet academic success.

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