Calgary Board of Education

Outdoor and Environmental Sciences (OES)

The Outdoor and Environmental Sciences (OES) is an exciting three year program, that spends more learning about science in the outdoors than indoor.  The OES program has a unique partnership with Fish Creek Provincial Park, as we have adopted an area within the park that the OES students have become the stewards of.   Group equipment is provided by the school, personal equipment is the responsibility of the student.  No outdoor experience required, just a passion to be in it.

1800 Outdoor and Environmental Science 10 (OES 10) (Phys. Ed 10 (5credits) and Science 10 (5credits) with one 1 credit CTS course)  Full year, one period both semesters
Prerequisite:  Science 9 and Math 9 with recommended minimum mark of 50%
Cost:  $150.00.  All trips are elective and costs are supplementary based on participation
Outdoor and Environmental Sciences 1combins elements of physical education, science, and outdoor education.   Students will conduct environmental exploration and investigate fun and adventurous components (hiking, camping, navigation, mountain biking, cycling, etc.).  The course will include classroom sessions, field sessions, day trips and overnight trips (Athabasca Glacier, Dinosaur Provincial Park and Kananaskis).

2800 Outdoor and Environmental Science 20 (OES 20) (Biology 20 (5credits), CALM (3credits) and three 1 credit CTS courses, and certification in Wilderness First Aid) (Two periods, second semester afternoon)
Prerequisite:  Science 10 with a recommended minimum mark of 50% in Science 10
Course Cost:  $200
Trip Cost: All trips are elective and costs are supplementary based on participation.
OES 20 combines Biology 20 with CALM and CTS Outdoor Education modules to encompass an afternoon.  Students will have the opportunity to explore human anatomy by becoming certified in wilderness first aid and conduct ecological field studies in Fish Creek Park.  Outdoor activities include; geocaching, kayaking, hiking, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing and overnight trips to Writing On Stone Provincial Park, and Backcountry Skiing in the Crowsnest Pass.

3800 Outdoor and Environmental Science 30 (OES 30) (Seven CTS Credits, Geography 30 (3Credits)
(2 courses, first semester afternoon)
Prerequisite:  Grade 11 CTS courses
Course Cost:  $200
Trip Cost: All trips are elective and costs are supplementary based on participation.
The grade 12 program will focus on the student developed research projects that connect the previous two years of knowledge and experience into outcomes that will improve the sustainability of their community.  The grade 12 students will continue all of the previous developed skills but now will act as leaders in the community.  Each student’s project will be showcased in a public video presentation in Fish Creek Park.