Calgary Board of Education



We've chosen the word "connecting" to emphasize the importance of our school relationships, our learning across subject areas (integration) and our student leadership in the world at large.


Students need support from adults and classmates they know and trust - these positive connections promote belonging and motivation to learn. Teachers will help our young adults learn more effectively when they know their students well intellectually and emotionally.
We will:

  • Keep a cohort of students and teachers together for more than one year, a strategy called looping.
  • Provide time during the school year for advisory/support structures that sustain that ongoing relationship, allow for voice, and help students access other school, family, and community resources.
  • Use varied assessment tools, as well as learning plans and student-involved conferences, to incorporate student, teacher, and family participation.


As we study successful high school redesign, we are reminded that clear lines between subject disciplines can be barriers to learning.

We will design courses, tasks projects:

  • To help students learn and apply their skills across subjects.
  • To be intellectually challenging so that students not only remember and understand but also apply, analyze, evaluate and create.
  • To include discipline-specific knowledge and skills as well as interrelated competences.



Our relationship with our neighbours at the YMCA, the Calgary Public Library, other schools and business/industry partners will be important as we evolve our leadership and our place in this community.