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Redesigning High School
Setting the Direction document (pdf)
Framework for Student Learning (pdf)
High School Flexibility Enhancement Project (pdf)
My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource
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Career and Technology Studies (CTS), High School Diploma and Certificate of Achievement Requirements:

CTS Pathways and Planning (pdf)
High School Diploma and Certificate of Achievement Requirements

Our work with the Galileo Educational Network

Information: Our RTHS staff continues to work with the Galileo Educational Network regarding their approach to teaching and learning. Find out more about the work of Galileo on their website:


Today’s high schools are unlike those that many of us attended when we were growing up. Note the following for some key information/terms that might be different. We expect that, as parents, you will have questions. Please know we are here to answer them. Contact the school via phone (403 817 3400) or email ( for more information.

Assignments and Assessments - Our teachers study current action research to design assignments/assessments.  Please talk to them about their design, their expectations and how the tasks/assessments can be adapted for your child.

During FOCUS students have access as scheduled (usually Monday to Thursday) to teacher experts for support and enrichment.

  • Focus expectations vary by grade. 
    • Students in Grade 10 will have scheduled FOCUS as determined and directed by their community teachers. Attendance is mandatory and recorded.
    • Students in Grade 11 will begin FOCUS as scheduled after the beginning of the term. Attendance is mandatory and recorded. While students will often have choice of their activity during FOCUS, teachers may direct student choice for scheduled tutorials or assignment completion.
    • Students in Grade 12 will begin FOCUS as scheduled after the beginning of term. Attendance is expected to help students achieve success.

Connect is a scheduled time on Fridays for students to meet in smaller groups with their Connect Teacher. We know that students are most successful in school when they have a “go to” adult or advocate - at RTHS, their Connect Teacher.

  • Connect is one way that we provide students with face-to-face information and opportunities for success -announcements, activities, learning plans, study strategies, relationship support, presentations, career fairs …
    • Grade ten students will also learn about transition to high school and begin CALM (Career and Life Management, a required course for high school completion)
    • Grade eleven students will also complete CALM.
    • Grade twelve students will also learn about graduation, goal setting and transition to the “world beyond high school”.

Thirsk Days are two shortened days (with longer class periods) prior to the end of each term where students have opportunities to challenge outcomes/competencies, complete complex tasks or access additional enrichment. This year Thirsk Days run 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Information about how to get involved

We welcome your active participation in our school community.

  • School Council: Our School Council meets on second Thursday of the month (with no meeting in December or June) at 7:00 PM in the Upper Floor Learning Commons. 
  • Advisories: Join one of our advisories if you have a unique talent/interest in one of the following: academics, athletics, fine arts, Career and Technology Studies, our Success Centre. Phone or email the school for more information. 
  • Visit our school:  Check our Google Calendar for upcoming events.

Information about how to communicate

We know that students are most successful when we communicate and work together. We encourage you to email the person who is most directly responsible for the answer to your question. Because our work during the day is concentrated around our students, our goal is to get back to you within 48 hours on school days.

Find detailed contact information in How to Communicate

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