Calgary Board of Education

Principal's message

Chris Meaden, Principal

I feel fortunate to be principal at Robert Thirsk High School for many reasons.  This is an important and opportune time to build anew as high schools in Alberta and across the world are envisioning a response to 21st century learners. They are drawing, not only on current research in education, but from other areas as well. Just as businesses and corporations evolve and adapt to changing markets, times, and demographics, so must education.

I appreciate the talents of those around me.  Our school is named after an individual who has become both a mentor and a friend.  Dr. Thirsk is a role model and staunch advocate for education, innovation and exploration; he challenges us all to be "people of influence" and leave a positive legacy. Our staff are talented professionals who continually hone their skills, challenge my thinking and provide leadership.  Our Comets amaze me daily as they unearth their questions and showcase their gifts.  

My own experiences continue to impact my thinking. I have been an educator in Saskatchewan and Alberta for over 25 years working with K to 12 students as well as adults. I have enjoyed leadership roles in schools as well as those in special education, curriculum, and career development. I believe that schools must focus on learning and building a culture of community. We can only do this by listening to the voices of students, staff, parents, and our partners. These conversations, directed more and more by our young adults, are not only necessary but essential to help them feel supported, find success, and thrive. I look forward to engaging in this common purpose together.

C. Meaden, Principal