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CBe-learn Student Agreement

Student Engagement Guidelines

When a student registration is complete and activated and the course start date is identified, the student will have 10 school days to demonstrate that they have been active with their course work (criteria listed below). If the student has not met the criteria of an active student within this time frame their user role in the affected course will be switched (by their instructor) from “student-CBe-learn” to “inactive – CBe-learn”. With the inactive role, students will not have access to any course content but will still be able view contact information via email and a message explaining that the registration has been cancelled. These messages will also indicate the procedures for completing a formal withdrawal, and the option to register again with their counsellor.

Once a student has been designated as inactive, they are no longer eligible to continue in the course. They may register for the next monthly intake and initiate the process again (no transfers will be considered).

The following criteria will be used to identify an inactive student after 10 instructional days:

  • Has not logged in.
  • Has not viewed any course content beyond introductory material.
  • Has not submitted any course work for assessment.
  • Has not responded to the teachers request for contact via email and the phone on at least 3 occasions.
  • Has not participated in an introductory online or face-to-face session.

This criteria is applied at the teacher and administrators discretion at CBe-learn.