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CBe-learn Student Agreement

Academic Honesty Guidelines

Academic honesty is expected of all students.  Work submitted for assessment as your own work must be your own, and materials taken from any other sources must be clearly identified and referenced. Intentional falsification of data, plagiarism, copying from others in class, obtaining information about exams and other violations of academic honesty are not acceptable.

Plagiarism, which is the practice of taking the writings or ideas of another and presenting them as your own, is the most common violation. 

Students should be aware of the forms that plagiarism can take.  Any of the following, without reference or acknowledgement of the original source, can be considered as plagiarism violations:

  • Direct duplication, by copying (or allowing to be copied) another person's work, from a book, article, web site, another student's assignment etc.
  • Paraphrasing of another person's work closely, making only minor changes to the wording but with the essential meaning, form or progression of ideas maintained
  • Piecing together sections of the others' work into a new whole
  • Submitting your own work which has already been submitted for assessment in another subject or course
  • Producing assignments with other people (eg. Another student, a tutor) which is being assessed as your own independent work.
  • Sharing your work with another student

1. The CBe-learn consequences for academic dishonesty the first time are:

  • discussion with the student via phone or private discussion, ensuring the student has a clear understanding of the following:
    • what constitutes academic dishonesty
    • the consequences and conditions of submitting work that is not the students' original work
  • students are provided with one opportunity to resubmit the assignment for reassessment

2. If it occurs a second time, the CBe-learn consequence are:

  • face-to-face meeting with the teacher, student and parent/guardian
  • contact with guidance counsellor and or/assistant principal if the student attends another CBE high school

3. In a rare third case of academic dishonesty, the final CBe-learn consequences are:

  • face-to-face meeting with the CBe-learn school administrator, teacher, student and parent
  • comprehensive review of all the students' work
  • detailed plan of next steps, including natural consequences of original work not submitted

The circumstances and evidence in each case are reviewed by the instructor, student, parents and CBe-learn administrators. Consequences in each case are at the discretion of the school administration.

Please note: Students must agree to this policy before a registration is processed.

Note: Student work may be screened electronically to identify plagiarism from all internet sources and other student work previously submitted to CBe-learn.

understand the plagiarism guidelines consequences and agree to be academically honest.