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cbe-learn assessment & reporting
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cbe-learn reporting

final reporting

Final report cards are sent home to parents/guardians at the end of the semester. The report card will show the student's overall progress in the course, along with summative comments from the teacher.

To ensure report cards are mailed to the correct address, please make sure the main CBe-learn office has the family's current mailing information.

progress reports

Information on progress reports can be found HERE.

Progress reports are not mailed home, but are housed within Brightspace (D2L) for students and parents to access at any time.

cbe-learn assessment practicies & policies

mark appeals

If a student chooses to appeal a specific mark, they can follow the process outlined HERE.


mark differential

In CBe-learn School courses, part of the student's final course mark is calculated from online coursework submitted to teachers in Brightspace (D2L), and part of the mark is calculated based on achievement on in-person exams.

When there is a significant difference between grades in online work compared to in-person exams written in the Test Centre, the teacher will contact the student and parents, ideally meeting in person to discuss differences between online assessment and exams, and provide suggested strategies and techniques to help with recommended coursework and exam preparation. For some courses, this may entail a student completing modified assignments in the CBe-learn School Test Centre.

When there is a significant difference in online coursework marks and in-person exam marks, the in-person exam marks will replace the final course mark submitted at the end of the semester. This is in place at the discretion of the teacher and school administrator.


final exams

For many courses, examinations are an essential component of the assessment of student learning. For a significant number of CBe-learn courses, completion of a final exam is essential for ensuring students have developed the necessary skills cultivated through the course work. As a result, completion of the final exam (if the course has a final exam) is a mandatory component of the course. At the end of term, if a student fails to write an exam by the due date posted in the course, the course will remain incomplete until the final exam is written (similar to 30 level academic courses that have a diploma exam as part of the course).

If you have any questions, please contact the course teacher directly.


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