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Contact List - CBe-learn Staff


Principal Ken Weipert
Assistant Principal Monti Tanner

student support services

Guidance Counsellor, Learning Leader Irene Welch
Resource Teacher, Learning Leader Angela Takla
Student Advisor (Jr. High & Sr. High L-Z) Sue Brady
Student Advisor (Homeschool & Sr. High A-K) Gail Williamson

junior high teachers

ELA, Junior High Learning Leader Ellen Scogin
ELA Andrew Deagle
Social Studies & French Barbara Luft
Math Jillian Brodeur
Science Hannah Li
Science Lisa Stuart
Phys. Ed. & Healthy Living Murray Powick

senior high teachers

Pre-learn Libby Jackson
Pre-learn Ben Tsui
English Language Arts Lisa Dorren
English Language Arts Evan McNeil
English Language Arts Ellen Scogin
English Language Arts Lorna Stuber
Social Studies Tom Angelakis
Social Studies Alyson Egger
Social Studies Moni Riez
Social Studies Ivy Mitchell
Social Studies Elisa Garcia
Science / Biology Chris Slanisky
Science / Chemistry Lisa Stuart
Science / Physics Brent Schroderus
Math Karen Harrap
Math Susan McAsey
Math Sarah McLean
Math Carla Pagnucco
CTS Online Evan McNeil
Phys. Ed. Ted Blackmore
CALM Tonino Russo
Psychology Jane Appiah
Spanish Elisa Garcia

CBe-learn online teachers do not have access to voicemail, and do not work full-time on-site. The most effective way to contact the CBe-learn online teachers is through email.