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Aboriginal Studies 10 (5 credits)

pre-req - none |

This blended online course is supplemented with several face to face activities such as:

  • off-campus excursions
  • guest speakers
  • talking circles

This course is offered to and relevant for all students. Non-aboriginal students will develop and deepen their understanding of the diverse Aboriginal cultures within the regions of Canada (particularly Alberta) and North America. Aboriginal students will have the opportunity to experience a sense of pride in their own cultural heritage. This course will be an exciting exploration of largely oral and visual cultures, past, present and future that have been resilient in maintaining traditional beliefs. Perspectives, worldviews, traditions and history of Aboriginal people will be explored over four units. This course will be especially relevant for students interested in future careers in; education, public relations, government, environmental, land development and legal issues.

Online Quizzes / Exams

7 online quizzes

CBe-learn supervised Exams / general format

No final exam

Number of assessed items

57 assessment items, including discussions and self-assessments

Required Textbook / Novels



Number of lessons

32 lessons

Readings / Essays

Each lesson has outcomes, assignments and a final quiz.

Media Components

Interactive media, web-based activities.

Labs / Simulations / activities


Required Discussions

25 required discussions, including sharing of student work.