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CALM (3 credits)

prereq - none |

Required Discussions

8 required 2 optional

Online Quizzes / Exams

7 online quizzes

CBe-learn supervised Exams / general format


Number of assessed items

20 assignments 8 discussions 7 quizzes


Required Consent

Parents/Guardians must complete a form indicating that the student DOES or DOES NOT have permission to access the Human Sexuality component of CALM. This form is availble from the CALM teacher, and must be submitted to the CALM teacher from within the Brightspace (D2L) course.


CALM - Career And Life Management

Number of lessons

4 Units:
1 | Introduction: 2 required surveys
2 | Career Choices: 8 lessons
3 | Resource Choices: 6 lessons
4 | Personal Choices: 6 lessons


Each lesson begins and ends with personalized Predictions and Reflections using student Learning Styles; each lesson requires reading content pages, internet research and completion of a template chart and/or a research inquiry project.

Media Components

A few videos and internet research sites.

Activities / Assignments

Template Charts

Research Project


Inquiry Project with required use of digital forms of presentation (PPT, Brochure, Movie, Photo Collage are some possible choices)