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CTS | Foods & Nutrition

The Foods and Nutrition pathway is ideal for students interested in cooking, baking or in nutrition-related fields.

FOD 2130 Vegetarian Cuisine

pre-requisite - FOD 1010

Students learn to create healthy, wholesome vegetarian diets by preparing suitable foods in a variety of ways.

HSS 1020 Nutrition and Wellness

Students learn the importance of nutrition and hydration for the promotion and maintenance of physical, emotional and social health and wellness throughout life. Students evaluate food and supplement choices, the effects of activity on nutritional requirements and the use of labels to improve daily nutritional intake at all ages.

FOD 1010 Food Basics

Students learn safe and sanitary food handling procedures, equipment care, comprehension of recipes and the importance of efficient work habits.

FOD 1020 Contemporary Baking

pre-requisite - FOD 1010

Students develop and demonstrate an understanding of traditional and contemporary baking focusing on basic measuring techniques, preparation methods, role of ingredients and the proper use of equipment for baked goods.

FOD 1040 Meal Planning 1

pre-requisite - FOD 1010

Students develop an understanding of planning, preparation and evaluation of balanced healthy meals.