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CTS | Legal Studies

The Legal Studies courses offer students the chance to explore the influence, impact and complexities of law. These courses are suitable for students interested in a career in law or other Human Services.

LGS 3060 Controversy & Change

Students explore how controversial issues evoke responses that may bring about changes in the law and describe a wide variety of strategies that may be used for changing the law.

LGS 3070 Landmark Decisions

Students analyze in detail landmark decisions and their influence on society.

LGS 3080 Criminal Law

Students examine the criminal justice system, including the criminal process and the roles and responsibilities of the participants. Students also explore challenging issues and law-related careers.


LGS 3010 Property Law

Students identify laws relating to real, personal and intellectual properties and investigate the process of buying and selling real property and legal implications associated with Internet transactions.

LGS 3020 Dispute Resolution

Students examine and apply methods such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, adjudication and litigation, and identify challenging issues related to the dispute resolution methods.

LGS 3040 Negligence

Students explore the legal meaning of negligence and legal actions relating to negligence.