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Off Campus Education (Work Experience) 15/25/35


Work Experience allows students to gain practical knowledge, enhance their workplace skills, confirm career decisions, and form attitudes that will assist them in their transitions from school to the world of work and/or future post-secondary educational pursuits.

  • pre-req
  • credits
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  • qualify & maintain standing
  • not acceptable


(when these have been completed, then a student can begin the Work Experience course):

  • mandatory one credit prerequisite course: "Workplace Safety Systems" (HCS3000)
  • CBe-learn one credit prerequisite course: "Career Transitions Job Preparations" (CTR1010)
  • in person meeting: Students must meet with the Work Experience coordinator.
  • all required paperwork must be completed and submitted in advance of earning credits.


available | although a maximum of 30 credits in Work Experience is available, only 15 of these credits can be counted toward the Alberta High School Diploma requirements.

work hours | one credit can be earned for every 25 hours of work, with a minimum of 3 credits earned (75 hours) to a maximum of 10 credits per level.

complete | work hours will not count for credit until CTR1010 & HCS3000 have been completed.

Work Experience is not…

  • A job placement program Ė it is a learning program.
  • Advanced employment. Placements are NOT usually beyond entry-level positions Ė usually students have access to positions based on the skills and experience they have to offer employers. You need to be prepared to start at the entry level, and then get to know the career environment and use opportunities to learn from those around you.

Work Experience is…

  • A concentrated learning experience to gain exposure to a career interest area, to try careers on for size and to reflect on how they fit for you. Worksites are approved, a learning plan is established for each student, a teacher monitors students at work, and an employer/supervisor evaluates student work performance.
  • Your opportunity to observe and make contacts with employers and community partners.
  • A guided process to help you gain credentials and build and demonstrate the employability skills employers seek in their employees.
  • A great way to work, earn and learn all at the same time.

To qualify for and maintain standing in the Work Experience program at CBe-learn, students must:

  • be 15 years of age or older when they register.
  • have an appropriate job placement or be actively job searching.
  • work between the hours of 7AM and 10PM.
  • have credit in HCS3000 (Workplace Safety Systems).
  • have credit in CTR1010 (Career Transitions Job Preparations).
  • meet one-on-one with the Work Experience Co-ordinator.
  • complete required paperwork to earn credits (weekly timesheets).
  • be active and present in the online component of the course (posting to weekly discussion with teacher, completing Reflection Reports as required).

The following Job Placements are not accepted in the program when:

  • work occurs outside of the set hours of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • work involves serving alcohol (even if they are 18 or over)
  • there is no direct supervisor (the student cannot be working alone)
  • there is NO LEARNING taking place
  • a student is working outside of Calgary and surrounding area

A successful Work Experience program is based on a
3-way partnership between:

  • The Student and his/her Parent(s) or Guardian
  • The Employer
  • The School

Each partner has responsibilities to fulfill!


  • student
  • parent
  • employer
  • CBe-learn school
  • register

Student Responsibilities:

  • Honour their work agreement as contract with their employer
  • Conform to all the conditions and rules that apply to employees of the organization
  • Exercise ethical workplace conduct
  • Participate in learning opportunities
  • Work on enhancing their employability skills
  • Maintain employer confidentiality
  • Accept feedback and suggestions for improvement in a positive manner
  • Participate in work site visits
  • Resolve conflicts or issues that may arise or ask for help to resolve them
  • Advise their employer and their coordinator of any concerns of problems with their work assignment or environment as soon as an issue arises

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Complete the Parent Consent form and sign the Work Agreement contract to provide approval for their studentís participation
  • Ensure the student has adequate transportation to the worksite
  • Support their student to follow-through on their work commitments
  • Advise their studentís Work Experience teacher of any concerns or problems that may affect the studentís work attendance or performance

Employer Responsibilities:

  • Provide the student with an orientation to the workplace.
  • Provide a supervisor who will discuss expectations and oversee the studentís work.
  • Cooperate to set learning goals for the student.
  • On a regular basis, give the student feedback on how he/she is doing, including areas of strength and areas to improve.
  • Participate in work site visits, and complete a final evaluation of student work performance.

CBe-learn School Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the integrity of its Work Experience programs and compliance with relevant legislation, policy and procedures.
  • Ensure an Off-Campus Agreement is in place to ensure student coverage for Workers Compensation by the Government of Alberta (coverage only includes 7:00 am until 10:00 pm daily).
  • Prepare students to engage in effective job application procedures.
  • Collaborate with each student and the studentís supervisor to develop a suitable learning plan to guide student work objectives and assessment.
  • Coach students to demonstrate appropriate workplace attitudes and behaviours, including worker responsibility for their safety in the workplace.

Registering for Work Experience at CBe-learn

The CBe-learn Work Experience program has limited space and is therefore offered to students that are attending CBe-learn only. Please contact CBe-learn to register.