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Online Physical Education Overview

Fitness Evaluations

Students are required to attend a pre and post fitness evaluation. This evaluation will help students recognize their strengths and set goals with an instructor to work on areas for improvement. Students are required to return near the end of the course for a post fitness assessment that will help to determine how successful the activities have been in terms of improving overall physical fitness. This is mandatory for all students.

Physical Activity

Students are expected to be active in the community during the course. Activity is defined by five categories, aerobic activity, strength training and team/individual activity. Student must complete and verify a minimum of 25 hours of participation in each category, for a total minimum 85 hours. (For PE 10-3 the requirement is a total of 50 hours)


Quizzes, based on course content, are available in online format.

Citizenship Project

The intent of the Citizenship Project is to immerse students in the practical aspects of the course. The instructor is looking for students that engage in activity at a higher level, for example, achieving certification in First Aid/CPR, coaching, referring or instructing or volunteering or organizing a major athletic event.


Students are expected to post a weekly update on progress.

Participation: Discussions and Drop-ins

The instructor and students will lead a number of discussions throughout the course. There may be optional drop-in opportunities during the course.

Physical Education Requirement Checklist

  • in person, pre-fitness and post-fitness assessments
  • weekly journal updates.
  • minimum of five hours per week of physical activity defined by aerobic, strength and team activities (logged and verified by a qualified supervisor)
  • attending to all other course due dates.