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Applied Sociology 30 (3 credits)

The objectives of te sociology course is to develop, within the student, a better understanding 
of group behaviour. This understanding should be based on fact rather than opinion. The 
sociological perspective focuses on "what is" rather than "what ought to be." Students should be 
able to analyze occurrences around them objectively. They should feel that they are a part of 
society, understand its influence on their lives, and visualize their roles in societal change.

prereq - none

Online Quizzes / Exams

4 quizzes

CBe-learn supervised Exams / general format

No final exam

Number of assessed items

31 assessment items

Required Textbook / Novels

Sociology, the Study of Human Relationships
(e-text available from within the course)

Number of lessons

32 lessons

Readings / Essays

Each lesson has a reading component and web based exploration.

Media Components

Interactive media, e-text available, web-based activities.

Labs / Simulations / activities

Inquiry projects.

Required Discussions

9 required discussions