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dream catcher


Dream Catcher offers students the opportunity for ultimate flexibility while allowing access to the online learning environment.

Dream Catcher allows students to work independently at their own direction, and is ideal for highly motivated and focused students.

Dream Catcher is a distinct term, ideal for students who need flexibility to recover credits, extend their course time, accelerate through their course quickly, or make up lost work.


Dream Catcher courses will begin multiple times between October and December, and finish in June 2018. For specific registration and start dates, please review the Registration Schedule.


Students enrolled into the Dream Catcher term will have the ability to accelerate or extend their due dates, within the confines of the course. Student will need to be independent and studious learners. Students will be able to recover missed / incomplete credits from either CBe-learn or any other CBE high school.


Teachers in Dream Catcher courses understand the complex needs of each individual student, and will work closely to help students establish reasonable deadlines and personalized work plans, ensuring students are engaged in their online work, and able to complete the course requirements appropriate to their schedule and circumstance.


Dream Catcher courses (starting in October, November and December) include all core academic and complimentary courses offered at CBe-learn.