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CBe-learn Registration Fees (2016-2017)

Senior High Fees

CBe-learn students

  • students under 20 who are not attending any other school

Instructional Supplies and Material Fee
$65 per course, to a maximum of $195

$65 for the first course
$130 for two courses
$195 for three courses

Subsequent courses have no fee provided they are in the same school year.

A full-time student carries at least three online courses per semester. Fewer than three courses is considered part-time status.

CBE students

  • students who are registered in another CBE School

Instructional Supplies and Material Fee
$0 (No fee for CBE students)

outside students

  • students under 20 who are attending any other non-CBE school (i.e. separate, private, charter)

Instructional Supplies and Material Fee
$30 per credit

$30 for one credit course
$90 for three credit course
$150 for five credit course

These students may only take one CBe-learn online course at a time.

students 20 and over

Instructional Supplies and Material Fee
$480 per 5 credit course
$295 per 3 credit course

out of province

An out of province student is a Canada Citizen who is not currently a resident of Alberta.

Tuition Fee
$870 per course

Registration Process
Please review this webage to understand the required process.

international student

An international student is not a Canadian Citizen who has traveled internationally to Calgary to complete High School.

Tuition Fee
$1110 per 5 Credit Course
$655 per 3 Credit Course

  • International students registered concurrently with any other CBE High School are not assessed International Fees by CBe-learn.
  • International students writing Diploma Exams are assessed a $50 fee from Alberta Education. This is payable directly to CBe-learn.


Junior High Fees

CBe-learn students

  • not attending any other school

Supply and Material Fee
$137 maximum per school year

$86 for the first course
$129 for two courses
$137 for full-time access

CBE students

  • registered in another CBE School

Supply and Material Fee
$0 (No fee for CBE students)


Fees & Supplies

textbook rental

Textbook Rental Information
(CLICK for more information)

  • $85 Rental Fee
    ($50 refunded with return of textbook)

Where required for specific courses, textbooks are rented to students through the CBe-learn office. Upon return of the textbook within 90 days of the course ending, students will receive the appropriate refund.

International and Out-of-Province students are not rented textbooks. Students must purchase their own textbooks. Please click here to review textbook information, and contact the CBe-learn Registration team for more details.

Location, Hours & Payment

  • Textbooks can be rented during regular business hours:
    Monday to Friday, 8:15am - 4:00pm
  • Cash, debit or credit card are the only accepted forms of payment.

headset and microphone

To participate in online learning at CBe-learn, students will require a headset with a microphone. These are available from CBe-learn registration for $8 or students may choose to use their own.



refunds & withdrawals

Please CLICK HERE to review this CBe-learn webpage for specific information on refunds and withdrawals.


Calgary Board of Education Fees

A breakdown of all Calgary Board of Education fees is available from the CBE website:

Students transitioning from a CBE schcol into CBe-learn are assessed full CBe-learn fees. To enquire about refunds for fees already paid to another school, please contact that school's administration.