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high school success
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Get Ready ■ Get Set ■ Go For It

Learn more about high school and plan for your success!

In the increasingly independent setting of high school, students explore new ideas, develop additional interests, build relationships, and pursue their goals. All of our high schools work together to give students more flexibility in accessing various programs and courses across our system.

High school today offers a wide array of choices so students may explore an area of interest deeply or learn in different ways. There are many choices in high school, and no one path suits everyone. High school has programs and pathways that lead toward university entrance, college, technical schools, or directly to work. Planning is about finding the routes that support your learning, goals and interests.

Use the links below to learn more about these choices available to all students in the Calgary Board of Education.


high school success

Teachers at CBe-learn are committed to students being successful in high school, and will work with each individual student to ensure they have an appropriate plan to be successful.

Teachers, guidance counsellors and administrators support students as they make choices and develop skills to be successful in high school and life.