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Transition from Grade 9 to Grade 10

Grade 9 students transitioning to Grade 10 can find information on all Calgary Board of Education High School Open Houses and Grade 9 Tours from this link:

Sr. High Online

CBe-learn delivers a full complement of online courses for senior and junior high students as well as multiple levels of support for CBE Homeschooling students.

Using the flexible and adaptive nature of online technologies, students are able to either attend CBe-learn part time while attending another school or attend CBe-learn exclusively to complete their junior or senior high programs.

CBe-learn Grade 10

CBe-learn offers many choices for grade 10 students. Students in grade 10 should review this information.

Is Online Learning For You?

CBe-learn facilitates personalized, flexible online learning. All courses are teacher facilitated with content designed by Alberta Education and the Calgary School Board. Is online learning for you? Take this quiz to determine if online learning is an option for you.

Students at CBe-learn are offered a truly unique and personalized education experience. Whether taking one course to supplement their rigorous academic schedule, or completing their entire High School education online, CBe-learn students have the flexibility and choices required to be successful CBE students. CBe-learn delivers full online programming for senior high students. For students, this means access to their online courses is just the beginning of their academic success. Students access career and academic counselling, high-quality digital resources, and highly qualified staff to ensure their educational experience ensures their success.

Upcoming Senior High Events