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Progress Report marks and comments are available from within your son or daughterís online course at CBe-learn. Updated marks, comments and feedback are shared with students as they move through their courses. After each submitted assignment is marked, students will see a grade and/or a comment from their instructor.

At certain key dates, Progress Reports will become available to students and parents. This will give a snapshot of the studentís progress in the course at that time, and will include specific, personalized feedback.

How to Access Grades and Progress Reports

To view the progress report grade and comments, follow this procedure;

  • log in to Brightspace (D2L) and open your course(s)
  • inside the course, select Grades from the Brightspace (D2L) navigation bar (see example image below)
  • scroll and view Progress Report (see example image below)


Progress Reports ScreenShot

Progress Report Dates

Core Academic and CTS Courses

Students will have access to their Progress Reports depending on when they entered into their course. Because CBe-learn operates under continuous registraion and access, there isn't one set date for Progress Reporting. The Progress Reports are personalized to each individual student.

Contacting Teachers

Teachers are available for interviews by appointment. If you have any questions, concerns or want to arrange an interview time with your son or daughterís online teacher, their e-mail contact information is available here.

This is a secure method of contacting the teacher, and can be used to arrange a face-to-face meeting, online session, or telecphone conversation among the parent, the student and the online teacher.