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Lana Hanson Scholarship

Lana Hanson was an exceptional math teacher who inspired her CBe-learn students and colleagues alike. Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching, learning and the arts, was communicable as she awakened those who had the privilege to work with her to drive for deeper mathematical connections in a broader context, thus creating a learning landscape/canvas much greater than our own imaginations.

In memory of her passion and dedication, the staff at CBe-learn have established this scholarship that recognizes the achievements of a CBe-learn student in the field of Math. This award is available to students whose primary high school is CBe-learn. The student must have successfully completed at least two Math courses through CBe-learn; with at least one Math course at the -30- level.

The unique value of the scholarship, $729, was chosen for its rare properties. The number 729 is a perfect sixth power, meaning it is both a perfect square and a perfect cube.

To apply for the scholarship, please contact the CBe-learn Student Services Team.


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