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student support services
student services

After the intake interview and initial registration process is complete, the Student Services team will continue to provide you with the following services:

  • supporting learners to achieve success in their studies
  • assisting with learning strategies, study skills and motivation
  • meeting face-to-face with students and/or parents when need arises or by request
  • providing one-on-one support for learners experiencing difficulties

Meet the Student Support Services Team!

Guidance Counsellor, Learning Leader
Irene Welch| 403-777-7971 x 7612 |

Resource, Learning Leader
Angela Takla | 403-777-7971 x 7480 |

Academic Advisor: Homeschooling and Sr. High Online (last names A-K)
Gail Williamson | 403-777-7971 x 7499 |

Academic Advisor: Jr. High and Sr. High Online (last names L-Z)
Sue Brady| 403-777-7971 x 7606 |

For information regarding our Student Services, or to book an appointment, please contact the Student Advisor. CBe-learn’s Student Advisors work with students in the development of meaningful academic planning and programs informed through the exploration of educational  goals.

You may also use some of the resources below:

  • academic advising
  • good online management
  • community resources
  • course and program planning

is online learning for me?

Complete the online self-assessment tool to determine if you are ready for online learning.

make the most of your online experience

  • communicate with your teacher(s) through email, discussion postings
  • complete a learning plan and schedule keeping the course end date in mind
  • create a schedule with:
    • all of your teacher's due dates
    • your own deadlines and activities that you set for yourself
    • stick to the schedule!
  • understand the course requirements and deadlines
  • you are responsible for maintaining your own equipment and software. If you experience hardware or software problems throughout the semester, you must find another way to complete the assigned work in a timely manner
  • break tasks into manageable parts

tips for success

  • have access to the proper hardware and software before the semester begins
  • battle procrastination; do requirements early
  • make time to do the work!
  • carefully read the textbook(s) and answer any study questions provided
  • complete any assignments in a neat and orderly manner
  • keep copies of all materials submitted for grading
  • if the teacher requires exams, class meetings or other on-campus activity, contact the teacher IMMEDIATELY when you know you will not be able to meet the requirement. Do not wait until after the test deadline to tell the teacher that you were on a trip.
  • SEEK HELP EARLY! If you are having problems, do NOT wait to request help. The longer you wait the bigger the problem becomes!
  • use tutorials, textbook websites, and other campus supports
  • the first person to contact is your instructor: if s/he cannot answer your question, s/he can direct you to someone who can

ELL - English Language Learners

All assessments will take place in the Student Services Conference Room


good online management

time management

  • Allocate time every day to work on your courses
  • Make contacts among your fellow students, forming study groups if possible or preferable. Read your lesson the first day it is available. If you have any questions, contact your teacher immediately.
  • Many online courses require that work be completed every day. It is necessary to review the course and/or schedule for these dates
  • Use the course checklist as a guide for completing work
  • Make a to do list

asking questions

  • Read the course introduction for your online class carefully to find out how you should ask questions. Some teachers will ask you to post all questions to a class discussion forum while others will ask you to post them through private discussions.
  • In a traditional class, everyone gets the benefit of hearing the question and answer. Therefore, the teacher may require you to post all questions to the class discussion board so that the entire class can view all questions and answers.
  • Identify how or when you can contact your instructor for office hour appointments
  • Log on to your online classroom daily so that you can take part in online discussions and read all messages in a timely manner

discussions and e-mail

  • Netiquette in e-mail and discussion postings:
    • Choose your words carefully. It is easy to sound brusque or even nasty when all the other person sees is a typed message. Humour is more difficult to convey in a written message.
    • Proofread your discussion postings before sending or posting them. The more accurate your messages, the more likely they'll be understood.
    • Do not use "chat-speak," the abbreviations common to social online chat rooms, such as BTW = "by the way." A message written with all capital letters is viewed as shouting. Most people will find this offensive. It is also more difficult to read.

technology preparation

  • Students are responsible for their own computers. In the event that your computer breaks down during the semester, have an alternate plan. For example, you might use a computer in an open lab at CBe-learn, use a friend or relative's computer, or go to the public library
  • You will learn more about preparing your machine in eLearn
  • Access Mental Health | 403-943-1500
  • AIDS Calgary | 403-508-2500
  • ALA-TEEN | | 403-266-5850
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital | 403-943-7211
  • Alberta Health Services (HealthLink) | 1-866-408-5465
  • Alcoholics Anonymous | | 403-777-1212
  • Best Beginnings  (Pregnancy) | 403-228-8221
  • Bridging The Gap (Mental Health) | 403-216-0660
  • Bullying Help Line | | 1-888-456-2323
  • Burns Memorial Fund | | Supports High School students and low income families in financial need
  • Calgary Counselling Centre | 403-265-4980
  • Calgary and Area Community Resources |
  • Calgary Drop-in Centre | 403-266-3600
  • Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank | 403-253-2055
  • Calgary John Howard Society | 403-266-4566
  • Calgary Outlink: Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity | | 403-234-8973
  • Calgary Mental Health Mobile Response Team | 403-266-1605
  • Calgary Police Services (Non-Emergency) | 403-266-1234
  • Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre | 403-269-3110
  • Canadian Mental Health Association (Suicide Bereavement Support) | 403-297-1744
  • Child Abuse Hotline | 1-800-387-5437
  • Child at Risk Response Team | 403-297-2995
  • Children's Cottage | 403-233-2273
  • Closer to Home Community Services |
  • Distress Centre | | 403-266-1601
  • Distress Centre Crisis Line (Suicide Services) | 403-266-HELP
  • Eating Disorders Program | 403-265-4980
  • Eastside Family Centre | 403-299-9696
  • 8th & 8th Health Centre | 403-781-1200
  • Exit Community Outreach for Teens | 403-262-9953 or 403-860-6521
  • Family Planning Clinic | 403-944-7111
  • Gay & Lesbian Community Services | 403-234-8973
  • Hope in Hard Times Resources | Download Informational Guide(.pdf)
  • Kids Help Phone | 1-800-668-6868
  • KidSport Calgary | | 403-202-0257
  • Legal Aid Society of Alberta | 403-297-2260
  • Learning Disabilities Association | 403-283-6606
  • Louise Dean Centre (Pregnant / Parenting Teens School) | 403-777-7630
  • Native Counselling Services | 403-237-7850
  • Parent Support Association |
  • Runaway Homeless Shelter for Youth (Avenue 15) | 403-543-9657
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Hotline | 1-800-722-2437
  • Smoker’s Help Line | 1-866-332-2322
  • Social Service Canada | 403-270-5333
  • STD Clinic | 403-297-6562
  • Street Teams/Safe House Society | 403-804-9913
  • Student Finance Board | 403-297-6347
  • The Alex Youth Health Centre | | 403-520-6270
  • Westside Family Centre | 403-288-3313
  • Eastside Family Centre | 403-299-9696
  • Wood’s Homes Exit Youth Shelter | 403-509-2323
  • In-patient mental health | 403-670-1117
  • Youth Addiction Services (Formerly AADAC) | 24 Hour Help Line 1-866-332-2322
  • Youth Drug Line | 403-269-3784
  • Call 211 to connect you to many other programs and services not listed.

course planner

Use the following course planner chart (.doc) to plan your high school academic program

core course sequencing

mathematics course sequence

*Math 10-4, 20-3, 20-4 and 30-3 are not available at CBe-learn.

Social Studies Course Sequence

English Language Arts Course Sequence

Science Course Sequence