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what is the town hall?

The Town Hall is an interactive body that works with the administration and education team on the development and organization of Jr. High and Sr. High programs, and also brings forward parent and student issues.

Focused on students from CBe-learn online, the Town Hall is a place where all students, parents, teachers and staff can have voice.


who attends the town hall meetings?

The Town Hall meetings are attended by interested parents, students, teachers, administrators and community members.

Parents who have children studying in CBe-learn Jr. High, Sr. High or CTC programs are welcome to attend and participate in the Town Hall meetings.  The meetings will also include the Principal, other Administrators, CBe-learn teachers, other staff and students enrolled in one of the high school programs.

what happens at a town hall meeting?

The Town Hall meeting allows open conversation among all attendees, with a particular focus on:

  1. system updates from the CBE - presented by the principal
  2. school program updates - presented by the assistant principal
  3. specific agenda items, as determined by parents and students
  4. an open forum

Potential Agenda Items:

  • supporting student learning through D2L
  • transition from grade 9 to 10
  • post-secondary options for students
  • more ideas? Send us an email!

All items on the agenda are generated by parents and students in advance of the meeting.

Notes, minutes and presentations will be posted online after the meeting, so everyone has the opportunity to stay informed.