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green certificate: agricultural training
green certificate

about |
Students entering agriculture-related, structured learning pathways, as part of their senior high program, that support practical training for careers in agriculture and related industries. Up to 16 high school credits can be achieved and students can earn the industry recognized technician-level Green Certificate Credential.

how |
Students learn by actively performing agricultural skills through apprentice-style training sessions delivered off campus. Students are responsible for independently accessing a farm or agricultural placement, during after school hours or as part of their personal learning plan. Learning takes place under the direction of experienced farm personnel, under the supervision CBE supervising teacher and administration of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

specializations |
Equine, Cow-Calf, Dairy, Feedlot, Swine, Sheep, Beekeeping, Field Crop or Irrigated Crop.

assessment |
Students are assessed at the conclusion of the courses by booking practical in-person exams at Olds College. Exam marks contribute to the final mark in Alberta Education course listings. Students can select a specialization based on their interest and chosen farm site.

more information |
Is available at the Green Certificate website. The Green Certificate is under the administration of the Department of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

register |
For the Green Certificate: please see the registration page.