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Energy and Environmental Innovation
  • program overview
  • program delivery
  • course information
  • student expectations
a natural resources student

program overview

Students will learn how to become innovative change-makers in both their community and their future industries.  Students will be exposed to a range of issues, skills and technologies in fields related to:

  • Oil and gas development in Alberta
  • Transitions to alternativeand renewable energies
  • Climate change
  • Local food and urban agriculture production
  • Community development and urban planning
  • Wildlife and biodiversity habitat conservation
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Stewardship of protected lands
  • Water and waste management
a deer in the woods

program delivery

The course is designed to be experiential for students. Each semester there are several field-study trips offered where students will travel to work with industry experts in the fields mentioned above. Students will experience the outdoors as a key component to the class. The rest of the course takes place within an interactive lab setting. Students take care of various gardens, living walls and fish tanks while also working on habitat construction; water, soil and core-rock testing and building design processes. .

a student working in the field

course information

Courses and detailed information:

Innovation starts at the root. Once students have been immersed in this broad range of topics, they will have the opportunity to innovate new technology, policies, educational programs or designs meant to improve our society economically, socially and environmentally.

  • Available as an evening course for those who canít attend during the day
  • Great experience for resume building and scholarship applications
  • Work directly with experts
  • Fun and unique learning environment
  • Prepares students for post-secondary options like engineering, petroleum development, renewable energy, natural resource management, architecture, urban planning, geology, agriculture, aquaponics, business and entrepreneurship, political science and ecology

Students can take SOCIAL 30-1/30-2 and SOCIAL 20-1/20-2 in combination with Energy and Environmental Innovation. This is a unique, cutting-edge course where students will take on the curriculum concepts of Social 20 in a real and hands-on way. Students will earn credits in Social 20 and CTS at the same time! Classes and detailed information: Exploratory and specialize (15 credits available)

New for September 2018! AP Environment Science 35. Please contact us for more information

deer in the forest

student expectations

behaviour | students are expected to behave in a professional manner, cleaning up after projects and handing assignments in on time.

supplies | students will need to purchase their own field notebooks ($10-25 cost, depending on style)