Calgary Board of Education
Career and Technology Centre (CTC) at Central Memorial High School
2336 53 Ave. S.W., Calgary AB T3E 1L2 | Grades 10-12 Career & Technology courses t | 403-243-4500 
for students
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  • course guide | available classes, programs, and learning commons information
  • timetable | time slots for program courses and learning commons availability

attend | a half day at the CTC in the program of your choice and attend a half day at your home high school.

learning commons | you can schedule time in the learning commons based on your personal learning plans and/or your personal program needs. Teaching staff at CTC support student knowledge construction in the learning commons. The appropriate use of all technology at the Centre is supported by our Digital Citizenship Agreement.

courses and high school credits

Where two five-credit introductory level courses are adjacent in the timetable students may register for both courses to complete ten credits at the introductory level. At the introductory level, you can explore multiple occupations by having two different introductory courses in adjacent blocks.

dual-credit and credentialing

The CTC supports both personal learning plans and Alberta Industry and Training (AIT) credentialing. You can choose to specialize in pathways constructed from hundreds of potential single-credit modules, depending on your program area.

Earn these while completing your high school diploma:

  • journeyman prepper
  • journeyman welder
  • journeyman chef
  • journeyman hairstylist
  • Microsoft credentials
  • Adobe credentials
  • various health sciences credentials

post-secondary opportunities

Take advantage of:

  • post-secondary placement opportunities
  • career networking
  • experience providing client-based services (embedded in your program)
  • state-of-the-art, brand-new facilities and equipment
  • dual credentialed staff (jouneyman and Alberta certified teachers)