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Promising Practices


Imagine students going beyond the classroom and school walls to investigate, research, inquire, connect, share and celebrate their learning and understanding. E-mail is one tool that significantly enhances student learning when used with intentionality.

The following resources provide an opportunity for teachers to see how current educators are using student e-mail as a curriculum tool within and beyond the Calgary Board of Education.

Promising Practices with CBE - Sponsored by the Telus Learning Connection in conjunction with CBE's Innovative Learning Services

CBE Telus Learning Connection

Former Promising Practices within CBE Schools

  • The UPLIFTS Project - Unique Project Learning by Integrating Folk Tales and Stories
  • Students in Year 5/6 were investigating China and the Pacific Rim with a focus mainly on how culture, geography, and how basic needs are met similarly and differently between our two countries. The Canadian author David Bouchard will take on a telementoring role during his travels across Canada. Students will conduct an e-mail interview about his writing and participate in synchronous brainstorming sessions with him using a chat line. Mr. Bouchard has written and published four Chinese folk tale picture books. Students will extensively study these and other folk tales in preparation for their own writing.

  • Alberta as Seen by Albertans
  • This project involved students from across Alberta . The students studied and researched the regions of Alberta and discovered reasons why people came to Alberta to live. Personal stories were told of immigration from different provinces and countries across vast passages of time. The common thread was that all of the families ended up living in Alberta .

  • Australian Connections
  • "The ability for our students to connect with children similar in age, who live in Australia a country very different from Canada , has been an invaluable learning experience. They have been sharing similarities and differences with their lives at school, and at home. Hearing the excitement in the children's voices when they realize that they have a new email is delightful. When the added bonus occurred that they could see what each other looked like, it made their experience even more special..."

  • Exploring Problem-Based Mathematics: A Tellecollaborative Project
  • In Grade 6 Math - Statistics and Probability - students are required to understand theoretical and experimental probability of a single event, to identify potential outcomes when repeating the same experiment and compare theoretical and experimental results. Maureen and I are also involved in a year long AISI project on Problem Based Learning in Math. Our project uses Problem Based Learning as the method to learning about Probability. This project also address the ICT component by allowing students access to email and the practice of email skills.

    Beyond the CBE - Provincial

  • Telus Learning Connection
  • Telecollaborative Learning Projects@ 2Learn .ca provide great motivation for your students, engaging them in real-world learning experiences --while you, the teacher, become a guide, facilitating these extraordinary opportunities.

    Beyond Alberta

  • iEARN
  • Started in 1988, iEARN is the world's largest non-profit global network that enables teachers and young people to use the Internet and other new technologies to collaborate on projects that both enhance learning and make a difference in the world.

  • Global Classroom
  • The Global Classroom Project is now into its eighth year. During this time, thousands of schools from Australia and around the world have participated in the range of online collaborative projects the Global Classroom has to offer. Schools from as far away as Argentina, Sweden, France and Latvia (just to mention a few) have collaborated and contributed to the teaching and learning activities taking place in Victorian classrooms.

  • LetsNet
  • This website is dedicated to helping teachers experience the potential value of the World Wide Web (Web) in the classroom by providing actual examples of real teachers who are using the Internet today.

  • Classroom Projects
  • Large index of web based projects for teachers and students

  • Internet Classroom Projects
  • More web based projects. This site is dated, but many of the projects are still active, while others can demonstrate, for planning purposes, the creativity and potential of online email projects.

  • Anyone can be a Hero
  • MY HERO is a not-for-profit educational Web project that celebrates the best of humanity. Our mission is to inspire people of all ages with an ever-growing Internet archive of hero stories from around the world. From peacemakers such as Nelson Mandela to scientific visionaries such as Albert Einstein, visitors can explore historical heroes, contemporary heroes and hometown heroes.

    MY HERO invites you, your family, school, or organization to take part. By publicly honoring your hero on this award-winning project, you reward those who have made a difference, and bring new hope to the online global community.

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