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Student Safety with Electronic Mail


Electronic mail is an electronic messaging system, which delivers messages through the Internet. Electronic mail can be used as a tool to meet curriculum outcomes, allowing any Internet user to communicate with other users or group of users through CBE servers. The CBE has provided a safe and reliable e-mail service to meet curriculum outcomes. There is a continued emphasis on the importance of media awareness. For the security of our students, access to the use of other Internet e-mail services is blocked. This means that students will not be able to create their own custom accounts on servers throughout the Internet from within the Calgary Board of Education learning environment.

Students are to be reminded that passwords and e-mail addresses are private and must not be given out to friends and/or over the Internet. If a student feels that his or her privacy has been compromised, a teacher or an administrator should be contacted so corrective measures are taken.

If a student receives e-mail with questionable or threatening content, he or she needs to inform a member of the teaching staff of the school so precautionary measures can be implemented and the author of the offensive material can be traced. Any student using any e-mail system to inflict harm is subject to inquiry, possible discipline under school and CBE policies or a criminal investigation if warranted.

Students are advised to inform school instructional staff if they encounter what they believe is inappropriate material. They are also advised to inform staff if they encounter any electronic material, information or situations on the CBE networks that make them feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

It is important that students are taught:

  • Not to reply to inappropriate materials
  • Not to post, send, or download inappropriate material.
  • Respect for Personal Information

The FOIP Act requires that all users respect personal information. Students are not to post personal information about themselves or other people including family members, fellow students, teachers, or friends including information such as full names, school locations, interests, extracurricular activities, occupations, home or business addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses.


In the event that students wish to copy any work governed by copyright regulations they will need to ask the original author for written permission to use the materials and give written credit for sources of information in their work. This work may include art, graphics, compositions, text, symbols, sayings, cartoons, excerpts, or quotations.


The Canadian Copyright Act covers plagiarism. Students are to be made aware of this act and the serious nature of using another author's work as their own. Students using copyrighted works without the appropriate permission will be subject to disciplinary action. At this time Canadian copyright rules do not have specific sections pertaining to electronic materials. Current copyright rules apply as written.

Right to Inspect

All data stored and all history of activity on the CBE wide area network including school networks is the property of the CBE. The CBE reserves the right to perform regular and reasonable reviews of data stored under any network account. Files may be inspected and copied, and a history of visited sites and utilized services may be searched in the event of reasonable suspicion of violation of any school rules, policies and regulations of the CBE or any suspected infringement of the law. The search will be reasonable and related to the suspected violation.

Use of technological resources and the facilities within the CBE wide area network

Instructional technology includes the networks, file storage, hardware, software, and peripherals that may be attached to the CBE wide area network and school networks. Student use of the CBE facilities and technological resources is governed by the guidelines which allow reliable and continuous access to all students. Downloading of inappropriate files or restricted software is not permitted. Students may not install software on any school computer or use the hardware for reasons unless directed to do so by CBE staff.


© Copyright 2003. Calgary Board of Education. All rights reserved. Curriculum and Learning Technologies