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Powerpoint -
Beyond the Basics

Slide Masters

The slide master applies a uniform font, colour and background to all slides. It will also apply any visuals, wording that you wish to be included on each slide in your presentation.

Text Styles - click anywhere on a line of text in a box. Go to the Toolbar and choose the font and size you prefer for each box.


  • The default sizes for the different lines of text seem to work well for the slides.
  • Background Colour - go to Format, Background. In the menu box, you will see a line of colour beside which is an arrow. Click on the arrow and you will be given several choices. If you wish your background to be one solid colour, then choose the colour you wish. If you would like your background to have a special effect, click on Fill Effects. You will be given a choice of Gradient, Texture, Pattern or Picture. In Gradient, you have a choice of One Colour, Two Colours or Preset. In the box at the bottom of the menu, you have a choice of shading patterns. Click OK once you have decided on which variant you prefer.
  • Text Colour - highlight the text in each box and use the underlined A button to select a colour for the text.
  • Bullets - click anywhere in the large box, go to Format, Bullet, then Monotype Sorts. Click the bullet you would like for your presentation. Click OK. You can also choose a font colour for the bullet, using the underlined A button.
    Now that you have created your Slide Master, it is time to work on your presentation.


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