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Powerpoint -
Beyond the Basics


In some of your slides, you may wish to arrange boxes of text, change box size, overlap boxes, add, remove and group boxes.
Adding Shapes and Text Boxes

  • Insert a blank slide


  • To add a Text Box, click on the [A] icon (inside the lined white box) in the bottom toolbar. Draw the box on the slide by clicking and dragging until you have the shape you want. Type in your text.
  • To add an AutoShape, click on the small arrow beside AutoShapes. You will have a choice of a variety of shapes. Highlight one and then click on the place on your slide that you wish to insert the shape. Now, manipulate the shape. What happens when you click and hold on the yellow dots?
  • To change the angle of an AutoShape or Text Box, select the box and go to the Free Rotate button in the bottom left toolbar beside the word AutoShape. You will see some green dots appear. Click and hold the left button and rotate the box or shape.
    Tip: If you hold down the Shift Key while rotating the box, the box will rotate in precise 15° steps.

To push the box over on its side, click Draw. Select Rotate or Flip from the pop-up menu, then Rotate Right or Rotate Left.

Overlapping Boxes

Move your boxes into the positions that you want them. To place a box in the top position, click on a visible part of the box. Right click the box and a shortcut menu will appear. Select Order and then Send to Back or Send to Front.
Tip: If you can't find the box you want (there is no visible part to click), select the box on top and then press Tab until you can select the desired box.


Once you have the boxes arranged the way you want them, select Draw and then Group from the menu that appears. You can now move and size the whole box and everything inside will stay in proportion. To change the placement of a box, go to Draw and the Ungroup. Reposition the box, go to Draw and Regroup. To select all the boxes on the slide, select one, and hold down the Shift Key while you click the other boxes. To add a new box, select both the group and the new box, and then select Draw, Group.



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