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Powerpoint -
Beyond the Basics

Adding Pictures & WordArt

You are now going to insert your own picture into a slide. Go to the Insert menu, then Picture, then From File. Insert your floppy disk in the A drive. Go to Look In, use the small arrow to go to Floppy Drive A, and click on the file (usually has two letters and a few numbers).
Click Insert and your picture will appear on your slide.


  • You will notice that there is a box around the picture. You can make the complete picture larger or smaller as you would do with a text box.
  • If you do not wish to have the complete picture on your slide, you can crop it, leaving only the parts of the picture that you want to appear on the slide. To crop the picture, go to the Picture Toolbar. If it has not appeared on the screen, you can get the toolbar by right clicking, or by going to View, Toolbars, and clicking on the box beside Picture. In the toolbar, click on the square icon. Now move the pointer to one of the white squares around the picture, hold down the left button and drag the mouse until you have deleted the section of the picture that you do not want.
  • To put a border around your picture, use the Linestyle button (icon with three horizontal lines) on the Drawing toolbar. Click the width of line your prefer. Then click the down arrow next to the Line Colour button to choose a colour.
  • To fill a WordArt logo with a picture, click on the WordArt button (icon - stylized A) then choose a pattern from the gallery. Type in your text. On the slide, use the handles to make the logo fit the screen. To fill the logo with your picture, click the arrow to the right of the Fill Effects paint can button and then click Fill Effects on the menu. Click on Picture.


Select Picture. Go to the floppy disk A and double click on the file.
Click OK and your picture should be seen in the logo.
Try putting Shadow, 3-D, Extrusion and Intrusion effects on your logo.
Try the different buttons on the WordArt toolbar.



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