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Powerpoint -
Beyond the Basics

Action Buttons

In the AutoShape feature, there is an Action Buttons menu. These buttons are designed to be used with interactive presentation features.

  • To refer to and pull up a slide from another PowerPoint presentation, insert an Action Button on the slide (the right arrow). Right click and click on hyperlink. Click on the arrow and highlight Another PowerPoint Presentation. Follow the steps until the file name appears in the browser slot. Click OK.
  • In Slide Show, click the arrow button and the first slide of the PowerPoint Presentation should appear. If you want to show only one slide, right click and click End Show. This should return you to your presentation.
  • To add narration to a slide, click on Insert, Movies and Sounds, Record Sound.


  • Make sure that your microphone is plugged in. Record your narration and play it back to make sure that it is the way you want it. On your slide, an icon should appear. Move this to a convenient spot on the slide. During the slide show, double click on this icon and you will hear the narration.


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