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Powerpoint - The Basics

1. Getting Started 8. Deleting & Moving Slides>>
2. Slide Layout>> 9. Speakers Notes>>
3. Creating the Bulleted Slide>> 10. Saving/ Retrieving Presentations>>
4. Creating a Slide with Clip Art>> 11. Creating Your Own Presentation Design>>
5. Adding Animation>> 12. Removing Text Boxes>>
6. Other Animation>> 13. Adding Shapes & Text Boxes>>
7. Viewing the Show>> 14. Using Word Art >>
  • Click on the Powerpoint icon at the bottom of your screen or click on Start and go to Programs and then to PowerPoint.
  • A screen with 3 choices will appear: AutoContent Wizard, Template or Blank Presentation. AutoContent Wizard asks you some questions and then creates your slide presentation for you, usually with a very "canned" look. Template allows you to choose from a number of pre-designed templates so that you can focus on the content and animation and Blank Presentation gives you the option to design your own presentation from beginning to end. For the purposes of our workshop, we will use a template so that we can concentrate on some of the other features of Powerpoint.

  • Click on Template. Take a few minutes to look at the templates. Each time you click on one, Preview will show what it looks like. Choose a template and click OK.


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