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 Senior High Library > Research/Inquiry > PowerPoint & Web Designs > PowerPoint Basics
                                                                     > Creating Your own Presentation Design

Powerpoint - The Basics

1. Getting Started>> 8. Deleting & Moving Slides>>
2. Slide Layout>> 9. Speakers Notes>>
3. Creating the Bulleted Slide>> 10. Saving/ Retrieving Presentations>>
4. Creating a Slide with Clip Art>> 11. Creating Your Own Presentation Design
5. Adding Animation>> 12. Removing Text Boxes>>
6. Other Animation>> 13. Adding Shapes & Text Boxes>>
7. Viewing the Show>> 14. Using Word Art >>
  • Click on File/Open to open a new presentation
  • Choose Blank Presentation and choose a Layout
  • To choose the background color:
    * Go to the Format menu
    * Here you will find choices for creating different Slide Layouts, Color Schemes and Backgrounds. You should experiment until you find a combination that you like. (Note: When in doubt, be CONSERVATIVE! Keep in mind your audience and the purpose of your presentation.)


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