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Powerpoint - The Basics

1. Getting Started>> 8. Deleting & Moving Slides>>
2. Slide Layout>> 9. Speakers Notes>>
3. Creating the Bulleted Slide>> 10. Saving/ Retrieving Presentations>>
4. Creating a Slide with Clip Art>> 11. Creating Your Own Presentation Design>>
5. Adding Animation>> 12. Removing Text Boxes>>
6. Other Animation 13. Adding Shapes & Text Boxes>>
7. Viewing the Show>> 14. Using Word Art >>
  • In addition to the pre-set animation effects you have just been adding to your slides, there are other forms of animation available.


  • Double click on one of your slides to make it appear by itself on the screen.
  • Now, click on the yellow star to the far right of the upper tool bar. This star will bring up the menu for Animation Effects.
  • At this point, you must decide in which order you would like the text and/or pictures animated.
  • Click on the section which you would like animated first. Then choose an effect (move your cursor over all the effects to see what your choices are). You will notice a number "1" appear in the box - Animation Order.
  • Now, click on a picture or other part of text which you would like animated second and choose the animation device that you would like to apply to this part of your slide. Again, note the number which appears to indicate the order of animation.
  • To animate your Title (this cannot be done on the pre-set animations on the Slide Sorter) click on the Title and the small box which says "Animate Title" in the Animation Effects menu box. Again, note in which order you want the parts of your slide animated.



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