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Beginner's Guide to Internet Research Tutorial

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Teaching and Learning in the Information
& Technology Age

The Information and Technological Age presents many challenges for teachers and students in the next millennium. Alberta Learning's new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) curriculum is for Alberta students to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes for the use of technology. Technology is to be learned and integrated into all subject areas (k-12) using activities, projects, and problem solving that will enhance student learning and performance. Students will need to be technologically literate, become constructive and critical thinkers, to communicate, problem solve, manage and organize information, make decisions more efficiently and effectively and learn to evaluate and interpret different types of texts (print, visual, video, audio, or electronic).

Changing educational expectations will challenge both teachers and students to embrace a variety of teaching and learning strategies, to develop many forms of literacy, such as reading and writing, visual literacy, media literacy, computer literacy, information literacy, and tool literacy, and to engage in productive collaborative work.



Curriculum and Learning Technologies
Calgary Board of Education