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Beginner's Guide to Internet Research Tutorial

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Internet Terminolgy


HTTP) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
This is the set of standards, the language, that allows computer users to access the World Wide Web. HTTP:// is the command that tells the browser that the document found at this address is HTTP-compatible, and to display it in HTTP format. Hypertext is more than just plain text. A document that contains links to other documents and allows the user to move easily from one related document to another.

Search Engine
The search engine is a web-based program that allows users to search and retrieve specific information from the World Wide Web. The search engine relies on automated programs known as spiders or robots to index sites according to keywords. The user types a word or phrase, also called a query, into a search box. A metasearch engine will search more than one site for your query. Go to the Search Engines link in the Virtual Library. Recommended engines are Google and Dogpile.

Subject Directories
Subject directories are maintained by human editors instead of computer automated programs. Subject directories like Yahoo, Alta vista or HotBot are good starting places in your research.

Boolean Search
Internet searches are more successful when a combined search is conducted using Boolean logic. A combined search is a command search that combines two or more terms using “operators” such as “AND”, “OR, “AND NOT” and sometimes “NEAR” . For more information on Boolean logic, click to the following web sites:

Web Home Page
The web home page is the page that the web browser displays every time the browser is opened.
If you are interested in learning more about creating interesting and easy web pages, click to Dave Lindsay’s web page, a young student web master from Calgary who published his first book when he was 14, Dave’s Quick ‘n’ Easy Web Pages.

Goto(British author, Brian Jacques’, site “Redwall Abbey: Home of the Redwall Club” to find out more about Dave’s book.

A hyperlink is a connection found in web pages and other electronic documents (CD-ROM etc.) that, when clicked with a mouse, it automatically opens a file or web page in your web browser. A hyperlink may be a word, icon, or graphic. A text hyperlink is often displayed in a different colour and underlined.

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