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 The LRC is pleased to support teachers and students at every level in their learning and  personal development. We believe that each person has unique abilities, talents and  backgrounds. To be successful in career planning and job search, it is important to present  yourself well. An effective resume and dynamic cover letter is an excellent device to market  your potential. Please follow the directions to creating a resume and cover letter. There are two  directions that you can follow:

  • Click to Career Services Online
    Work Prep has excellent instructions and information pages on creating a resume and cover letter with samples, recommended formats and other pertinent tips.
  • Click on Find Work
  • Click on Resume Tutorial
  • Click on Cover Letter Tutorial

 On both of these pages you can click to a Samples link. Use one of these samples as a template  since it is already formatted for you.

 Please note: Go into the sample and type in your own information in the appropriate sections. It  is best to type your information in the specific area first and then delete the original text after.  If you delete the original text first, you may lose some of the formatting and margins.

 There are numerous pages at the Career Services Web site. If you want to get a big picture of  what type of information is there, click on Site Map at the top of the Career Services

 2. Instead of the Career Services web pages, you can also go into Microsoft Office Word  program if you have this on your home computer.

 To create a resume in Microsoft Word program:

  • Click Programs, > then Microsoft Office and > then open up Microsoft Word.
    Once you are in Microsoft Word, > open a New document, > then open the tab to Other Documents. You now have two choices:
  • Click on Resume Wizard. When you click on this you can actually pre-set the design and look of your resume before you start entering your personal information.

 In other words, you can choose a style, type or font style, address, standard headings, optional  headings, and add and sort headings. When you finish choosing all your design features, click  Finish and now you are ready to start creating your resume.

 Note: If you don’t want to start from scratch and use the Resume Wizard then, click on a  resume style—there are three choices and start entering your personal information. Resume  styles include: Contemporary, Elegant and Professional. Remember to delete the original text  after you have typed all your pertinent information.


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