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Access to Internet based resources are provided to students as part of curriculum experiences as defined by the Alberta Learning Program of Studies.

Students access the Internet through an assigned Calgary Board of Education (CBE) account on the CBE network. The breadth and scope of Internet services allow for access by students to a variety of services including electronic mail.

CBE Student Mail, our student electronic mail service, allows each CBE student to participate in creating, sending and receiving electronic data in the form of text, audio/visual materials, graphics, multimedia clips and presentations, photos, visual art, and video.

Teachers within the Calgary Board of Education are required to incorporate The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum. The program provides a broad perspective on the nature of technology, how to use and apply a variety of technologies, and the impact of ICT on self and society. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 will be encouraged to grapple with the complexities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, of technologies in our lives and workplaces. The ICT curriculum is not intended to stand alone, but rather to be infused within core courses and programs.

Students, to thrive as citizens within the 21st century, must know how to use and apply a variety of information and communication technologies to; problem solve, make decisions, inquire and research in the context of subject matter(s).


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